Claire Gillie-Thompson is a contemporary landscape artist originally from the North of Scotland and now resides in Edinburgh. A graduate of Edinburgh Art School, Claire won the Sir Robin Philipson award for painting in 2001 RSA students’ exhibition and exhibited works around Britain. After taking a sabbatical for quite a few years she used the pandemic to get back to art her true passion.

 The Scottish landscape & the sense of being within a place is prevalent within Claire’s work. Recent works have focused on seascapes based on a trip she took last year to the West Coast of Scotland. To convey her feelings of place Claire works from her memories incorporating bold bright colours, layers & textures from collage. Building up layers offers an insight to what has come before underneath, its these glimpses into the past which offers an imprint into her memories of a place creating raw, colourful, romanticised artworks.

INCEPTION II - Dalkeith palace - May 2022

The Torrance Gallery - Spring Show 2022

The Velvet Easel Gallery - Winter Show 2021

INCEPTION - Dalkeith Palace - September 2021

The Velvet Easel Gallery - Spring Show 2021

Zenwalls Gallery - Spring Show 2021

The Velvet Easel Gallery - Winter Show 2020

Zenwalls Gallery - Winter Show 2020

The Leith Gallery - 2001

Falle Fine Art - 2001

Scotland Art.com - 2002-2005

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