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Claire Gillie-Thompson is a contemporary landscape artist originally from the North of Scotland. A graduate of Edinburgh Art School, Claire 
won the Sir Robin Philipson award for painting in 2001 RSA students’ exhibition and has exhibited works around Britain.
The Scottish landscape and the sense of being within a place is prevalent within her work. Recently she has been creating evocative landscapes of the Pentland hills near her home. 
Claire’s work is bold and expressive, using intense colours she slowly builds layers of washes, these bring an insight to what has come before underneath which in turn glimpses into the past and offers an imprint into her memories of a place, creating raw, colourful artworks.
''I believe landscape is something you feel. I use my memories of a place to produce expressionistic works to transport you to the feeling & energy of a place. Working intuitively, I build up washes, starting off with bright luminous pinks and oranges, I slowly work on top of these with thicker paint, pastels & oil pastel/ spray paints & collage. I work spontaneously with no clear end result in my mind. I let the drips & 
scribbles happen, working physically with the paint. Bold colour is important to me, helping me create energy, I want my artwork not only excite the viewer but also something they can also get lost in.'' 

The Outline Gallery - indigo collective - August 2023

INCEPTION III - Dalkeith palace - May 2023

The Velvet Easel Gallery - Spring Exhibition 2023

The Torrance Gallery - Winter Exhibition 2022

The Velvet Easel Gallery - Summer exhibition 2022

INCEPTION II - Dalkeith palace - May 2022

The Torrance Gallery - Spring Show 2022

The Velvet Easel Gallery - Winter Show 2021

INCEPTION - Dalkeith Palace - September 2021

The Velvet Easel Gallery - Spring Show 2021

Zenwalls Gallery - Spring Show 2021

The Velvet Easel Gallery - Winter Show 2020

Zenwalls Gallery - Winter Show 2020

The Leith Gallery - 2001

Falle Fine Art - 2001

Scotland - 2002-2005

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